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COP15 - Generative Identity Software

Generative identity software for COP15 the United Nations Climate Change Conference held in Copenhagen in 2009.

I joined long-time friends and all-time superstars shiftcontrol to help them add real-time movement to the COP15 logo designed by nr2154. Our approach was to generate the logo based on dynamic, generative patterns governed by rules like flocking and force fields. We wanted to express the complex decisions and negotiations going on at the conference.

The animation software is customizable to render out a large variety of styles and moods in formats useable for broadcast HD-TV and vector-graphics for printed media.


The software control panel allows for many different configurations. It can save 10 preferred settings and has the ability to animate between them to tailor the evolving animation.

screenshot 1 - screenshot 2 - screenshot 3



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